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(Left to right): MSU-N Instructional Designer Justin Mason, MSU-N Provost William Rugg, Ph.D., Workshop Host Erik Bean, Ed.D., and MSU-N Dean of Faculty, Randy Bachmeier, Ed.D. at Montana State University Northern

  • Customer Experience
  • Online Education
  • Social Media Lessons
  • Technology in the Classroom
  • Corporate Communications
  • Diversity Training
  • Transformational Leadership

Professor, enterprise marketing and business communications instructor. teacher immediacy & customer experience researcher...


From customer experience brand performance for industry and academia to improving student & faculty engagement...

Dr. Carolyn Ford

memorable interactive learning

Erik will customize workshops, meetings, brainstorming sessions that motivate employees to save time and improve efficiencies.

Engaging, Interactive, Insightful, Useful: A motivational speaker prioritizing the most meaningful learning outcomes...


"Erik Bean's workshop and book demonstrate not only how to grade more efficiently, but I can easily grade more than one student at a time..."

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Practice yoga with Erik Oct. 2018 - ILA 20th Global Conference!. -- Editor, Leadership Perspectives, Leadership Studies Journal, John Wiley & Sons 

Erik Bean, Ed.D. is the author of several peer reviewed books designed to improve student and faculty engagement...


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